About Us ?

At the beginning of 1988 was the start, where we established a company specialized in the field of public safety and outdoor mass notification systems. We then expanded to a special section for the conversion of law enforcement vehicles and other special vehicles. In 1992, we faced a major challenge in the security demand. In response to this we were able to develop the capability to armor vehicles, guard houses and CIT’s locally. With the increasing market demand, we added special sections for manufacturing and assembling hydraulic wreckers. For over 30 years, we have been able to secure a high profile position in the field of public security and safety. Aman factory for Alarms Equipment’s, Co. Ltd, is one of the leading Saudi companies in its field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To achieve the vision of 2030 through the localization and deployment of military industries.


To provide the highest quality products, according to international standards, to contribute to the localization of the safety, security and defense sector.